Beck To Beck Apparel Artwork: Michi Beck und Uli Beck vor einer Wand mit

Beck TO Beck

Beck To Beck Apparel Artwork: Michi Beck und Uli Beck vor einer Wand mit



Collection design.
Apparel artwork.
Corporate Design.


Uli Beck and Michi Beck create fashion. Casual. Sustainable. Stephen Paris, managing director of mehnert / paris, supports this with apparel artwork, collection design and marketing. So far so good. Up to now, several collections have been realised, which are mainly sold via a online shop. Furthermore, we design exciting, sustainable campaigns as part of the launch communication for the collections.

In addition to the design and brand communication, it is the two brand owners who put the products in a very special light. Michi Beck, from „Die Fantastischen Vier“, and his wife Uli Beck see the collections as an expression of their lifestyle, which always tends to be a statement. It goes against conventions and formalities.

Not only is it fun to work with them, but we also like to wear the products ourselves. You could almost say, we are our own best customers - based on a real advertising legend: „You have to be a fan of a brand to be able to do good marketing for the products“.

Sophisticated Streetware

Michi Beck mit Beck-To-Beck Sweatshirt und Smudo bei The Voice of Germany
Beck To Beck und Nowadays Rucksack
Corporate Design Beck To Beck Logo in einem Regal im Shop
Kollektions-Design von mehnert paris:Schwarzer und weisser Beck To Beck Hoody